Hot sex with a gay doctor

Good thing Elijah is studying to become a doctor. His boyfriend Dalton seems to be suffering from an acute physiological condition called “Horny as Fuck”. Symptoms include an uncontrollable fixation on Elijah’s bubble butt, and a giant protrusion growing from his groin area. There is only one known cure for this ailment. The patient must be bedridden, sucked, and fucked until his feverish lust is relieved. Proving his dedication as a future physician and boyfriend, Elijah puts his own ass on the line by taking all of Dalton’s enormous, swollen cock inside him. The muscular Russian jock is already on the road to recovery as Elijah takes his brutal, big dick pounding like a true professional.

He penetrated me slowly, centimeter by centimeter. I felt the pain and discomfort. But when my personal doctor entered me completely (and his eyes never left mine), I felt the warmth spreads through the body. I was the happiest gay boy in the world. Nobody ever gave me so much fun.

I sighed with relief, feeling his confidence. My doctor was totally inside me, finally, yes. We came together in love. Let it was part of the game, we did it.

My doctor wiped my cheeks. I did not even feel anything among his lips and hard cock moving impatiently. It was very exciting, full of attention to me with his hand and lips movings.

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