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As we walk, he gets close to me and slides his hand across the front of my shorts. I reach over and feel the curve of his ass, and caress his bulge. I’m happily surprised when I touch the smooth rigid head of his penis. It peeks out, pinned against his abs by the elastic of his track pants.
We‘re deep in the woods now. Just when I lose the sense of where the road was, we finally stop in front of a musty moss-covered log.
‘Here’s good,’ he says.
“Sure.” I take off my shirt and toss it on the leafy ground. We embrace, feeling each-other’s bodies. Then he shoves me down to my knees.
His cock is thick and cut, just as advertised. His glans is like a giant bell at the end, much bigger than the shaft. I run my hands on it. Hard as oak.
Suddenly, he reaches down to my cheek. ‘Suck it, bitch.’
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Sexy and hot gay bunny

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