Reaching the top of pleasure – Unbridled sex in the mountains

Reaching the top of the hill, you get a dose of adrenaline and the feeling of happiness, the feeling must be share with someone through physical contact. A long, passionate kiss. Skin touching skin. Hands searching each other’s stunning bodies. Long story short: hiking got Jessie and Elijah horny as fuck.
They felt like the kiss turns the body into a sensitive instrument at the hands of a talented musician. Forte, fortissimo, several heady thunderous chords of a piano and a quiet sense, grateful kisses.

Touching of the lips on the neck, licking thin skin, enjoying the smell of desire.
Elijah growled and glared at the thin skin of the neck, greedy kiss, and drove in his supple, open anus just two fingers instinctively groped the prostate. You’re mine, – he breathed huskily in his reddened ear, licked and rubbed the body, and pierced him with overexcited member. Elijah whined, caved in at the waist. A thick, pursed up the testicles, a welcome member entered into the strong, quick jerk.
Jessie sobbed harder and impossible to substitute sticking out his ass.
Movement became fast and furious, and finally a little sweaty palms grabbed a stake standing cock of Elijah, and the world has simply disappeared, dissolving in the bright dazzling pleasure.

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