Skater sex tricks

Is there anything hotter than a lean, sexy skateboarder riding towards you? Only if he’s about to fuck your brains out. When Elijah rolls up to meet Cooper for a midday hookup, the two horny twinks waste no time sneaking off to bed for some hard grinding. Deep down we’re all suckers for a bad boy, and this bad boy definitely gets sucked deeply. Once inside Cooper’s tight hole, skater boy Elijah shows off his full repertoire of tricks, railing him from behind, below, and on top. Why is it that being bad feels so damn good?

Cooper sighed and sagged a little in the back, giving him better access for so desired sex. Elijah softly breathed, kissing the shoulder, penetrating with fingers, revealing once again, eagerly stretching the adorable asshole.
– Relax, relax,my boy. I will not hurt you. My dear. My … some more. Yes…
Elijah gently pushed into him, caressing, hugging, kissing the shoulder and neck, pressing his back to the hot chest, biting his ears. Cooper wanted more of these caresses, he was not get used to such pleasure, attention and genuine interest. It seems that this is just another one of those dreams, after which did not want to wake up , the lover was gentle and careful, kissing, called by name, forcing him to share the pleasure of hot sex again and again.
Movement became faster arm tightly wrapped around dick, pushing the edge of delight, warmth and happiness.
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