Sweet sexy bath games

Let’s be honest; Jacob and Zac won’t be going pro any time soon. But an afternoon spent knocking balls around the tennis court is a great excuse to get all sweaty, dirty and in need of a shower. With warm water dripping down between their supple bodies Jacob and Zac’s ball-handling skills prove far better. After they exchange soaking wet tongue kisses and blow jobs Zac is on the bed presenting his meaty muscular bubble butt for Jacob to skewer bareback with his nine-incher. Jacob serves a serious deep-dicking that has these twinks breaking a sweat all over again. Game, Set & Match.

Suddenly Zac took another sharp jolt, rushing at me very deeply, and reached the point of no return (as I call my prostate). My reaction to this is not long in coming. I was surprised when I heard the scream and clean … Even if I did not take singing so high notes. It was a cry for mercy.

Zac smiled and started stroking my body, trying to calm me down. Now he knew the place I love the most, and how to reach it. The heat from the power to douse my body, which is practically stuck together with the lover`s body. We were close to each other as much as possible. I looked like … probably a happy dreaming idiot with a distinct smile of satisfaction on my face.

Suddenly Zac moaned loudly and came out of me. I felt his liquid spilled on me. He immediately pressed his lips to mine, giving moan at the moment of orgasm.

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