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If you’re into blond, ripped, well-hung studs, your dick’s going way up for this scene. Picture uncut, horse-cocked Russian boy Dalton Briggs lounging butt-naked by the pool with Max Carter and his flawless physique. Life doesn’t get any better than this—well, not until Max slips his wet lips over Dalton’s fat mushroom head and foreskin. Next, the boys move things indoors where Max, feeling every thick inch of Dalton’s tremendous bareback cock pounding away at his g-spot, cums twice. It must be true what they say: blonds really do have more cum.

Dalton again covered the mouth and playfully pinched my nipples hard. Max felt his breath inconsistent. Dalton paved the path of kisses to Max` chest, running his tongue nipples circuit.
The boy do not even know that he has such sensitive spot, pleasurable sex. MAX could feel strong body moving on him and dominating.
Dalton stopped playing with the nipples and slowly dropped to the navel, gently licking it. Max just beating and trembling . Meanwhile, russian twink sank the cock, gently patting it in a circular motion with the help of tongue. Max threw back his head in an uncontrolled moan of pleasure.
Dalton started kissing the dick. The russian boy concentrated on him, wanting to give the greatest pleasure . He gently licked the heading of the dick. Max felt the softness of the tongue and moaned.
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