Wanna go inside to fuck me?

Whatever Daniel Ross is doing outside on the patio it’s not nearly as fun as what he could be doing in the bedroom with Tyler Hill. The muscular mini-jock beckons Daniel to put down his phone with some deep tongue kissing and dick slurping. Once he has the lean brunette at full attention the boys move the action indoors where they take turns hammering each others hungry holes with their hard throbbing cocks. Just when one is right on the edge of exploding a hot load they flip again and fuck some more!
This is Tyler’s first time topping for Helix. How did he do? Daniel’s intense face and loud moaning definitely say he’s enjoying it. We’re willing to bet he’s glad he put the phone down.

I pulled off Tyler’s T-shirt, then pants. Now Tyler was sitting in front of me completely naked and such a welcoming. I jumped up, yanked dropped his pants, and my rampant dick rocked in his face. I lifted him by the shoulders and brought his mouth to my penis. The head of my cock rested in Tyler’s lips. I easily pushed and Tyler opened his mouth to take my dick. Apparently feeling the penis in his mouth brought Tyler out of his stupor. He first clumsily, timidly, and then all the quickening pace began to suck my cock. Just a few movements – and I felt that i was ready to cum. Then I abruptly pulled out the penis from his mouth. Tyler looked at me in surprise.
– I cum in your mouth then, if you want it, and now my penis can not wait to get to know your hole in the ass. Come on, show it to me.
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